Bounty Hunter Guide Service

Bear hunting is my passion.  So you can bet when you decide to hunt bear with us, I am setting you up as if I was doing the hunting myself. 

FALL BEAR HUNTS:    -  Our bait hunts are set up with tree stand or ground blinds and are always active sites.  The way we hunt over bait is to take you to the chosen site and quietly walk you to the blind or stand.  I will then put out fresh bait and depart as always.  After shooting time, I return to pick up my sports and once all hunters are picked up, we return to the lodge for supper.  At that time, all that want to go can leave and retrieve the days game.   

$1500.00       Fully guided $1300.00      Drive yourself

Limited bear trapping packages available (foot snare) (6 days) $1,350.00

Dan 2010
Joe 2010
Tom 2010
dylan with his 2010 bear
Darin with his 2010 bear
Dan with his 2010 bear
Brian with his 2010 bear
John with his 2010 bear
Korry with his 2010 bear
JT with his bear
terry's bear 2010