Bounty Hunter Guide Service

Chris with her first Bob Cat


A day with the hounds chasing a bobcat is as good as it gets.  After finding a track, (in the snow) the dogs are set out to trail the cat.  Once the cat has been jumped, we head in the woods to intercept it on it's  run through one of the many thick swamps or ceder groves.  We will position you in the path of the cat for a clean shot.  On occasion, we will tree or bay up a cat for a close shot.
Come sign on with us for one of the best Bobcat hunts ever.  There are limited hunts in December thru February 15th.  Our hounds are ready to go!

Jan - Feb '06
Cat  and young hound
35 lb bobcat  2006
large bobcat bagged near Albion, Maine
A.J. & Rich (MD) with Bone 09
John from NH 08
rich with bob cat and dogs (10)
Rich with 2 bobcats