Bounty Hunter Guide Service

We offer ice fishing trips for Northern Pike, Bass, Landlocked Salmon & Trout.  Northern Pike is by far the favorite.  The opportunity to hook a 20 pound plus fish is sure to get you out in an ice shack. 
Our ice fishing is done on local lakes and ponds.  With the use of snowmobiles and ATV's, heated portable and stationary ice shacks for shelter and warmth, a day of fishing on a lake in the dead of winter is a welcome break.
Ice fishing here  is done with both tip up traps and jigging poles.  Live bait is lowered through the hole in the ice to the desired depth.  The trap flag is set and when the fish takes the bait, the trap flag goes up letting you know a fish is on the line.  At that point, it is up to you to set the hook and pull the fish up on the ice.  We recently purchased an Auger Caddy to really speed up the hole drilling process.  We can punch over 30 holes an hour with this unit.  If the fish don't want to bite where we are, we can quickly pack up and move down the lake.

Ice fishing is something everyone should try.  It is a welcome break from the cabin fever and a great way to stay fishing year round!!
Northern Pike 35 & 40 inches long
Northern Pike 35 & 40 inches long
Pike on ice
Auger Caddy
Dan with 42" 21 lbs
Ted with 20 + lb pike