Bounty Hunter Guide Service

Watch a snowshoe video here:

What a great way to spend a few days in the middle of the winter and early spring!  Running our beagles or yours for snowshoe hares is a relaxing and enjoyable hunt. With a great population of hares, finding a good cover to hunt is no problem at all.  We hunt frozen swamps, ceder covers, and thick woods.  This is a great hunt to bring youth hunters on.  With plenty of good action all day, the chance of a young hunter making a good shot is pretty good. We also have some hunters using the 410 pistols and having a real blast. 

snowshoe hares with Ranger & Ruby
Bounty Hunter Guide Service
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a very happy rabbit dog!
2007 hares
Bethe with a snowshoe hare
Robert with his snowshoe hare
Rabbit hunting spring '08
Frank with 410 pistol
Matt w/ 410 pistol