Turkey hunts in Maine are a little different than many other places as we have fewer fields and more timberland. We could be hunting along the edge of a field or right in the timber. Our local zone just opened up for turkey hunts in 2004 so a good and growing population of birds is to be found through out the area.  Calling birds in when they come down from their roost is a common way to hunt turkeys.  We can also try to set up where they are known to travel to and from their roosting trees.  This is a great hunt for those who have had enough of a long winter and want to get out for a spring hunt.  Update for 2011,. Maine turkey population is up and Maine now has a two bird limit in the spring and one in the fall. The hunts are better than ever, call now!
    3 DAY HUNT $400.00 
Bounty Hunter Guide Service
Elizabeth & turkey
23.5 lbs 9 7/8" beard
Jake and his 21 pound Tom (2007)
Kevin (MA) with a 20 lb Tom. 10" beard & 1.25" spurs
Jared, (Maine) with his first Turkey 2007
Jared (ME) 2008
Brett ME 2008
Troy (ME) with 20 lb turkey 2008
Beth (PA) with her 2008 bird
Chris (ME) with her 2008 bird
Fitz (MA) 2008 First Tom
2008 bird 10" beard
Elizabeth (ME) with 18.5 lb 9" beard, 3/4 spurs '09
Let's talk turkey!  Two birds, one shot.  The hunt of a lifetime!