Joe from Maine
Duane from PA
Brandon from New Jersey
Troy from Maine
Wayne from Connecticut
Al from PA
Alan Probst of All Outdoors  TV with his Dad, Charlie
Joe & Areonna from NJ
Ernie from PA
Andy from PA with Orin
Grover from PA
Tomtom from PA with Orin & two of his dogs
Tom from PA
Thomas from PA
Hunter with his Trophy
Ron with his bear
Kevin with his bear
Brad & his bear
Dave from Maine
Jim from Nevada
Lad from Colorado
Sam from PA
Kyle from PA
Cody, Arieana & Colton '05
Kevin & Joe '05
Joe '05
Kurt '05
Wayne '05  (over 400 lbs)
John '05
Ken '05
Group from week 2 '05
Ken '05